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Building a Foundation To Career Planning

(Search Tools and Trends)

Veterans Support Solutions specializes in supporting Veterans of all branches in identifying their individual needs to include their Career Search Plan for success.

We provide our clients with a foundation, tools and trends to be successful in today's struggling economic career search market while building integrity, trust and loyalty with each clients success.


  • Develop a Customized individual Career Management Plan
  • Build a list of Accomplishments - Tell your "Story" not your Obituary
  • Create a Short and Long Resume - know the difference
  • Understand and Using Networking Channels
  • Social Media Tools and Trends

Building a Foundation for Affordable Housing

VSS has been working on the front lines with homeless Veterans who have emergency and transitional housing challenges thorugh our VSS|Track (Transition Services) where we provide funds to faciliate emergency hotel stays for Veterans and their Families, as well as coordination work with Veterans and other Aid Agencies in the Colorado Springs and El Paso County areas through our AxisPoint Lodging initiative.

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Mailing Address (Woodland Park):
1067 East US Hwy 24 #266
Woodland Park CO 80863
For More information about our GoFundMe Campaign 
to help VSS develop responsive emergency and transitional support 
services for homeless Veterans and their families when they need it most,
as well as support our Case Management Team who provides these outreach services...
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