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MSColorHeadShot3smMike Schmidt
Co-Founder/General Manager
Director VSS|Villlages - Veteran Housing Solutions

A Strategic Business Development and Tactical Marketing and Sales Professional / Entrepreneur with integrated skills in new company formation, technology adaptation and go-to-market sales and distribution channel development. With a career spanning over 40 years of international start-up company experience in numerous technology industries and management-level consulting engagements with a wide variety of clients.

Mr. Schmidt is a proven “thought-leader” in the area of entrepreneurial innovation, and seed-stage start-up company formation after launching or participating in the creation of numerous technology companies in diverse Industries. Past products and services include;

  • Pioneering Video Teleconferencing Systems in the early 1980s, (establishing many of the standards for in-room Video Conferencing solutions) with a startup VTC company.
  • Speech Synthesis Telephony Automation Platforms (using advanced speech synthesis technology early introduced by Texas Instruments)
  • Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Systems in the mid 1980's (developing an industrial computer division inside a $15M Data Acquisition Technology Comapny and leading the marketing and sales efforts to create a large US VAR Network of Resellers and booking an additional $5M in sales in 12 months for the new division).
  • ATM-Fiber and Wireless Internet Services, (after starting and operating 2 separate Internet Service Providers in the 1990's and 2000's)
  • Digital Satellite Audio and Data Services (after creating and deploying a satellite fed-and internet delivered audio streaming service in the mid 1990's)
  • Terrestrial Broadband Wireless Networks, (after acquiring a 10-year old ISP in Colorado Springs, developed an innovative Tiered Broadband wireless network using licensed and unlicensed wireless frequencies and integrating it with FCC llicensed frequencies in the Millimeter Wave band, (38-40Ghz) creating a unique metropolitan broadband deliver network).
  • Data Broadcasting based Credit Card Fraud Solutions, (after receiving a British Government Testing License in 1990,developed an innovative Credit Card Fraud solution in the UK using FM-SCA databroadcasting technology to delivery a database of stolen or compromised credit cards to point of sale credit card readers.  Helped to establish a local company that later became the industry leader generating close to $100M in sales.
  • Helped expand the use of Parallel Processing Chips, (in the 2000's with a Denmark based leader in the development of parallel processing chips).
  • Internet Service Providers and numerous SaaS/Cloud/Internet startups spanning hardware/software backup, e-commerce web sites, CMS and CRM Solutions.

Mr. Schmidt is the CEO and Founder of Ensemble Ventures, LLC - a Business Development and Capital Formation Consulting Firm (See Below)

Military Support

Mr. Schmidt comes from a Military Family with both parents serving in the Air Force, and a Brother who served in the Navy as a Navy Seal for 25 years.  Mr. Schmidt's dedication to Veterans has only been strengenthen through his alliance with company co-founder Tami Donaldson who's long military carrer serviing our country, and excelling in the delivery of transition/support services to veterans, has been both inspiring, and effective for the growth and development of VSS services overall.

About: Ensemble Ventures, LLC

ensemb2aEnsemble is a 22+ year old Business Development Venture Ventilator based in Colorado Springs assisting seed stage and development oriented companies with strategic business development and product/market positioning tactics, and services. Ensemble helps develop capital formation plans, solicits funding and partnership alliances for clients and company-owned ventures, and develops strategic business models; technology adaptations plans, and go to market strategies for its clients.
For more info on Ensemble and it's services link to their website here: http://www.ensembleventuresinc.com

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