About Members Area:

Inside the "Members Area", you’ll find skill-building articles, expert advice Forums, downloadable templates and much more, giving you the skills and training you need to make the very most of your life and career.

Access to:

  • Tools for Success
  • Career Planning
  • Social Media Trends

These are the career-boosting resources you'll have at your finger tips when you are a client of Veterans Support Services, L3c:

  • Many articles explaining key career skills simply and accessibly. Learn leadership and team building, project management, problem solving and decision making, personal productivity, clear communication, and more.
  • Downloadable templates helping you develop career-enhancing resumes for success
  • Practice interviews reflecting key career skills areas, helping you navigate key career challenges successfully, and with seemingly effortless ease.
  • Career coaching helping you deal with key career challenges, increase your motivation, and build the mindset needed for lasting success.
  • Members forum where you can post questions and our team or other members can answer and interact with suggestions.

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