Member Templates:

The following links are Microsoft documents that are premade layouts for you to add your personal content which will allow you to promote yourself. You can click on the link below to open from the site or right click and save the file to your computer to keep forever.

Career Planning

Road Map to Planning - this will help you to stay on track with your decision making process

Career Planning Checklist -  this is a tool to use as a guide in getting everything you need together

Self Assessment - Maslow's theory of self assessment process

Social Media

Facebook Smart Card - use this to protect yourself from unwanted Recruiter's or HR professional access and/or knowing your private business

MILICRUIT - another Veteran network channel of companies who honor the promoted "Get Veterans back to work"  programs

Tools for Success

Resume Process Checklist - this will assist you in keeping on track when you are creating your "Story"

Single Page Resume - Online Resume in a simple loadable format

Formal Resume - Personalized for interviewing or job fairs when you are face to face

90 Day Plan - Action plan to achive the employers objectives within 90 days that was discussed durring the interview

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