VA Women’s Retreat 2017

Veterans Affairs (VA) Women's Retreat - 2017

“Our, ultimate, goal is to raise awareness and build an alliance among female Veterans
giving them an opportunity to live without fear and mitigate the stress factors in one’s life.”

Thanks to 423rd Transportation Company:

Once again, on behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff of The VA Women’s Retreat, thank you to the 423rd Transportation Company for its outstanding support in making the annual VA Women’s Retreat a huge success. We can’t thank everyone enough personally and professional for giving back to the community. Each Veteran expressed their appreciation for allowing them to experience a great weekend.

WomensRetreatsmIdlewild Ridge (Florissant)

The VA Women’s Annual Retreat was held at Idlewild Ridge in Florissant, Colorado in a small ranching community. The retreat was sponsored by one of its own female Veterans, Ms. Tami Donaldson-Barry. The VA Women’s Retreat is the culmination of a lifetime’s worth of nonprofit work on behalf of Veterans and homeless Veterans alike. Ms. Donaldson-Barry has worked with Veterans in all stages of their career for well over 20 years, helping one by one.  Click image for pop-up of larger picture...

This year’s annual retreat guess speakers included

  • Current Conflicts – Ms. Pauline Barela
  • Past Conflicts – Ms. Barbara Martinez, and Ms. Stephanie Scoville (hosted the retreat)
    • Provided historian facts about the Ute Indians from the area and team building exercise finding crystals native to the Colorado area.

Retreat Vision:

The VA Women’s Annual Retreat is an ambitious charity project that boast a full support system to benefit each female Veteran with everyday life challenges. There is various outreach programs customized to benefit the entire group; along with team building exercises to unite as one.

We enjoyed our guest speakers, team activities, social time together, and most of all team encouragement that there is other female Veterans with the same challenges and one can reach out too anyone within our group for spiritual or emotional support. Most importantly, the 423rd Transportation Company allowed for our Veterans to be reacquainted to living conditions of “Bivwac’ing”. Most of the Veterans were new to the vast changes of what BIVWAC meant and the new technology of mastering how to put a tent together. They are looking forward to another year to enjoy the great Colorado outdoors.

Each year provides new insight and awareness for women Veterans. The success of our program heavily depends on the awesome support and volunteers of the 423rd Transportation Company. Ms. Donaldson-Barry highlighted four main reasons to continue this event:

  • First – community buy-in to support the event – as Ms. Donaldson-Barry is supporting and fighting for every Veteran.
  • Second – community sponsorship and donations, such as what and how the 423rd Transportation support.
  • Third – community involvement – Vets helping Vets – like setting up and tear down our sleeping quarters.
  • Fourth – ultimately good old-fashion

Overall, our annual retreat was a success in due part of the 423rd Transportation Company and their willingness to be part of an exceptional program supporting female Veterans and their well-being.   A big “Thank You” to the 423rd Transportation Company and its team.

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