About VSS|Villages:

A Solution to Affordable Veteran Housing & Support:

Poster4thumbTogether VSS and Ensemble are developing an innovative veteran housing service and solution platform to help address emergency, transitional and long term housing needs for Veterans in Colorado, and eventually nationwide in alliances with a number of emerging "Veteran Village" operators. Over the course of the next year we will be creating a unique and modular “VSS/Village” Community Solution that will allow for the creation of uniquely "Interconnected" Tiny Houses that can be configured into "Community Clusters" in urban, suburban, and rural property contexts.

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Mailing Address (Woodland Park):
1067 East US Hwy 24 #266
Woodland Park CO 80863
For More information about our GoFundMe Campaign 
to help VSS develop responsive emergency and transitional housing
services for homeless Veterans and to develop "Long Term" and
Sustainable Housing for Veterans that can be tailored into
"VSS|Veteran Villages" across the country click the "GoFundMe Logo".