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Tiny House Jamboree 2016

Exploring the VSS/Villages Concept for Veteran Homelessness

 August  5-7, 2016 - Air Force Academy Grounds,  Colorado Springs, CO 


VSSLogo1smVeterans Support Solutions, L3c and Ensemble Ventures, LLC returned for it's second year at the Tiny House Jamboree as an exhibitor to showcase some of their innovative solutions for the creation of self-sustaining tiny-house-based “Pocket Neighborhoods” that can be developed into “Veteran Villages” which are designed to help reduce Veteran Homelessness.  This year we announced our upcoming plans for the development of a “Mock-Up Village” Project in El Paso County (targeted for Q3 2017) where we will be creating an initial small scale “VSS/Veteran Village” that will highlight our unique Tiny House designs and Support services for Veterans.

ensemb2aIn addition, Ensemble provided updates on the development of its unique “Tiny Home CLUSTERING Communities” concept demonstrating how clusters of low-Cost, energy efficient Tiny Homes can be developed and integrated together in “Cluster Communities” using advanced Micro-Grid Power Management Technology, Distributed Generation energy solutions, (using kilowatt-scale fuel cells), the application of Micro Heating and Cooling Solutions to reduce building costs, and the utilization of advanced Bio-Waste Management solutions to cut down on water and waste management.

Huge Turnout and Expanded Facilities at the Air Force Academy:

The turnout for the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree that was held at the Mining Museum Grounds in Colorado Springs was approximately 43,000.  For 2016, the show organizers knew they would be surpassing this number of attendees, and decided to approach the Air Force Academy to see if the Jamboree could be held on the Air Force Academy grounds, (just outside Falcon Stadium).  The Academy is familiar with the process of holding sports events at the stadium, with 25K to 40K in attendance and has large fields for car parking.  This was one of the first times they decided to allow an outdoor commercial event to be held on their grounds near the stadium.  It was good they agreeded...  because the total turned for the Jamboree for 2016 was just north of 55,000 for the 3 days of the event over the August 3-day weekend, (Aug 5-7th).

Ensemble and VSS decided to improve the look and feel of its 10x10 booth space and created a "booth inside a booth" concept using a pop-up display wall to showcase it's concept diagrams and illustrations for it's VSS/Villages Concept.   Below are the "Before" and "After" shots of our booth in development and what it looked like at the show... Just click each image for an expanded pop-up image.

  thjevandvssprepthumb  vssandevbooththumb2  vssandevbooththumb2


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