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Tiny House Living Festival 2017

Demonstrating the VSS/Villages Concept for Veteran Homelessness


August 2017 - Aspen Grove Center, Littleton, Colorado 


VSSLogo1smVeterans Support Solutions, L3c and Ensemble Ventures, LLC appeared for the first time at the newly created Tiny Home Living Festival that was held in Denver, Colorado.   This was one of two new Tiny Home events that were scheduled in Colorado to replace the larger Tiny House Jamboree that was held in Colorado Springs in 2015/2016 because the "JAM" was moved to Arlington, Texas this year.   At the Tiny Home Living Festival, VSS had the opportunity to again exhibit and showcase its designs and concepts for a self-sustaining tiny-house-based “Pocket Neighborhoods” that can be developed into “Veteran Villages” which are designed to help reduce and end Veteran Homelessness.  

VSS and THIA in Side-by-Side Tent Booths:


VSS and THIA at the Tiny Home Living Festival - Click for Pop-up Image

Tami-Donaldson talking to a Tiny Home Living Festival Attendee at the VSS Booth:



ensemb2Again, Ensemble had the opportunity to provide an update on its “Tiny Home CLUSTERING Communities” concept demonstrating how clusters of low-Cost, energy efficient Tiny Homes can be developed and integrated together in “Cluster Communities” using advanced Micro-Grid Power Management Technology, Distributed Generation energy solutions, (using kilowatt-scale fuel cells), the application of Micro Heating and Cooling Solutions to reduce building costs, and the utilization of advanced Bio-Waste Management solutions to cut down on water and waste management.

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